Fox Arcade - Sci-Fi Pinball

Simulation 1999 Windows Fox Interactive Pinball

Pinball sim featuring tables inspired by Fox movies

Fox Interactive sure was on the prowl to make that extra buck from their franchises, and one way to monetize it them was to turn to a pinball game collection with tables inspired by some of their bigger hits: Alien s. Predator, Alien, Aliens, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Fly, and a few more, if you mange high enough scores on these tables. As I suspected, the developers were more interested in turning the tables into interactive advertising displays, which is another way to say that none of the actual games stand out in a positive, inspiring way. Yes, they're flashy, they're full of homage for their beloved franchises, but they're never well done enough to actually keep you playing. That boils down to poorly implemented designs, designs that won't really test your skills, and won't create that pinball craze that good, tight tables can manage. But, if you are a fan of any of these movies you might actually enjoy them for the imagery and be happy enough with them, just as they are. I on the other hand would rather play Microsoft Pinball Arcade even if the tables are not inspired by no franchise, just because the developers understood the need for tight, well balanced and challenging table setups.

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