Judge Dredd Pinball

Simulation 1998 Windows Dosbox Pin-Ball Games Pinball

Almost as good as the real thing

Judge Dredd Pinball is the computerized version of the actual table pinball game (like Slam Tilt or Tristan Pinball) and it's is very accurate in this manifestation. It came out 3 years after the movie with the same name and it is based on it. It copies the table design and gameplay pefectly. It is 3D rendered, and the depth and volume of the game are presented very realistically. Even the game sounds are presented precisely like in the real game. You can do all that you can do with the actual table game, like nugding the table to control the course of the ball, manipulating flippers for the ball not to fall in between making you use your life and other twists and quirks that a good pinball player knows. There is a board above the table that keeps score of your game. You don't see the table in a face first view like most pinball games, but from the perspective a player has when he is playing the game in real life and that will need getting use to it if you're an inexperienced pinball player like myself. This is a very accurate and very thorough pinball simulation, but not as good as the real thing.

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