Pro Pinball Fantastic Journey

Simulation 1999 Windows Empire Interactive Pinball Action

Play this game to have a fantastic pinball journey

Pro Pinball Fantastic Journey is a 1999 pinball arcade game, being the fourth of the series. You play with one table, as in the previous ones. It comes with a story, and your main mission is to defeat the evil General Yagov. You will complete various adventures in a theme that presents the Victorian technology. You will enjoy this game, as soon as you get used to the controls, interface and perspective. The graphics are photo-realistic, rendering the experience of playing a real pinball table, and the flashing lights and visual effects do a great job to involve you more in the gameplay. The sound recreates the bumpers, flippers, and other dynamic effects of the pinball table, but at some point, the voices will seem to you irritating. So, you might as well turn the sound off. If you play pinball just for fun, and you're not an expert, you may find the background and the table's design hard to read, or frustrating. You have to prove your precision when it comes to performing shots, so the game is made specially for the experienced players. If you are passionate about time travelling, well, this game contains a sci fi time travel theme! Play this game to have a fantastic journey (as it's said in the title), with the options prepared!

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