Balls of Steel

Simulation 1997 Windows GT Interactive Pinball

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A lot of action on five different tables

Balls of Steel is a fun and very fast paced pinball game that will surely attract pinball lovers of all ages and preferences. With 5 different tables, each with their own theme (like fantasy or space theme and even one including the eponymous Duke Nukem character), the game is definitely one of the wider and more detailed ones and will make for a long gameplay time and tons and tons of fun. Each table design is very beautiful and original, with a lot of option and fast paced movement that will definitely require quick reflexes and fast thinking. The laws of physics and and movement are pretty accurate, so you can plan out where the ball will go according to the angle you send it using the left and right bumper. The camera isn't static, looking at the whole table at once. Rather, the camera moves along with the ball, to help you see better and to provide a better graphics experience. The colors are bright and full, making the visual appearance in this game really nice. The audio is also very good, with a person narrating in the background an giving comments here and there, so you have a feel of an audience watching you play. Overall, a very detailed, very beautiful and fun pinball games, like Pinball Dreams, another great pinball game. Recommended!

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