Slam Tilt

Simulation 1996 Windows Robert Epps Pinball Futuristic

Dark, Sci if-ish, steam punk styled pinball; just great

Slam Tilt is a Sci Fi looking pinball game, with a visual theme that is rather dark, inspired a little visually by Geiger paintings, but also, by the cool steam punk visual style. In terms of controls it is hard wired to perfection, so no issues there; you press the button, the action is immediate. The physics implementation works also delightfully, creating an in depth, well oiled kind of game, that won't really give you no issues. It's the best kind of game all around, and, so, the only thing to look for is see if the visual theme sparks with you, if it gives you the kind of feel that you like. For me it was definitely a blast, and the game went into my timewaster games basket, which consists of games that are pinball oriented or just direct, easy to play, no fuss arcaders; and, believe me, I'm a pretentious retro gamer! Issues, well, I need to note the sounds that are a bit, well, dated, but then again I rarely play any of these oldies with their original sounds blasting out; I just mute the thing and play it; with your own music playing, and a smooth, well playable set of graphics and controls, Slam Tilt does it well enough. As does Pro-Pinball: TimeShock, which in addition to be super playable, is also a graphical journey that you'll just love.

A great pinball game

I've always loved good pinball games and Slam Tilt is a great example how a pinball game should be made, which is the reason why it was ranked the 13th best pinball game of all time by magazine Amiga Power (Just like Extreme Pinball). To start, the talbes of the game are fantasticaly designed, with very colorful and rich texture. Just looking at the tables make you want to play the game. The gameplay for the game is typical for a pinball game. You control the left and right flipper and try not to lose the ball. The ball itself moves in the little maze on the table and by bumping onto various button and areas, you get points, the goal being to have the highest score. The camera follows the fall where it goes rather than the player viewing the whole table at once and the ball moving on it, which is slightly annoying for me, but most people will love it. Along with great design and great and fun gameplay, the game has a great sound, with a cool tune in the background and good sound effects of the game. Slam Tilt has got to be one of the best pinball games I have ever played and you suggest you do the same. The game will get you hooked for one more try for hours.

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