Crystal Caliburn

Action 1994 Dos CECRAFT Myth and legend

Grade A top down 2D pinball

Crystal Caliburn will appeal to those that loved that Windows XP classic pinball game, Space Cadet. That is so because this game here has the same build; beautiful 2D graphics, with realistic pinball tables, with no digital inclusions to take you out of the game. Also, what this game contains is a great few tables, all of them erally closely built and calculated for ultra playability. You know a great pinball table when the number of skilled shots necessary required to unlock some of the harder exploits is larger. Well, with this one, you will both be able to explore these skill shots, but also the game has great incentives to try these upper level types of play. Yes, it's not in 2D, but the tables have a sort of 3D look to them that just is great, and doesn't look fake. So, overall, Crystal Caliburn is one of my favorites, in the realm of 2D pinball. A totally cool and similar experience can be had with Pinball Dreams, with an older look, and that specific DOS look that I still love. So, all in all, Crystal Caliburn isworth all of its 5 stars, no questions asked!

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