Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space Golf

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A wacky, colorful, space themed mini golf arcade

Unfortunately they no longer make games like this one! Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space Golf is a (go figure!) mini golf arcade that doesn't take itself too seriously. Your task is to complete a host of mini golf courses. Each course is confined to the space of a single screen, so you always have a bird's eye view of where the golf ball needs to go. Each course has its own quirks, and they become more interesting as you progress, introducing all sort of obstacles and all sort of other puzzle like challenges to overcome. The game can become really hard in quite a short time, which can prove to be a little frustrating, but the higher the difficulty, the sweeter the reward. Yap, the game will trick you into thinking that it is just a silly little game, but after the 12th try to finish a course you will see how it crawled under your skin with a simple and yet very well polished mechanics. For extra entertainment try to challenge yourself or bring someone to play with, and see how long it takes to complete the later stages. Don't worry, the direction of your gold ball can be set via your mouse, so no unnecessary control fiddling will be required. The game is ready to be played as soon as you boot it up.

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