Hole in One Miniature Golf

Sport 1988 Dos Dosbox DigiTek Humorous Golf

Can mini put be hilarious?

Yep, another game that demonstrates that the early 90s were really open minded about what a game could be and what it could do. Don't get me wrong, the main mechanic here is that of mini golf, the kind we have come to expect from the genre. You control the direction of your swing, and then you have to match a rapidly swinging counter to a certain point on its axis, so that your hit will be thrown as it is supposed to. This balancing act, in puzzler/accuracy/reflex test, will determine each shot, so, in earnest the game is just as arcadey as all the other mini golf games. But, what it brings as an extra to the recipe is its use of humorous little snippets; say you miss a shot, well, the PC will tell you that you suck, in the most inventive, hilarious ways possible! Ain't that charming if you think about it? I mean, today most games will take the road of the most usual common denominator, and what do you know, humor certainly isn't one of them. That's why you're going to love Hole in One Miniature Golf, and graphically it's also up there, with its faux 3D vistas (that at times can be quite tricky to read) and overall diverse array of courses. Alternatively, go for Sensible Golf, a much cleaner game and a much less gimmicky experience, focused on the golt itself, without other distractions.

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