FX Fighter Turbo

Action 1996 Windows Argonaut Beat em up Third Person

The action and controls are just fine

It is a one to one action game which is a part of the great fighting series. The theme here is again to save the world from the evil for which you will have to fight one to one combat with many ferocious warriors. Coming to the gameplay, the fighting mechanics are very well organized and implemented into the gameplay and gives you some great action sequences. The player controls are perfectly synced and you can control your warrior easily to do a variety of moves. This time they have added new chapters in the game which are very competitive and have also added new moves to the gameplay which can be executed to perfection. The controls are also very responsive and each move has been detailed with some great 3D graphics to give you a good thrilling view of the action. The graphics in the game are also very good in terms of the player modelling as the fighters have been modelled with a lot of creativity and perfection. The A1 is really tough and is hard to beat easily. It also provides you option for multiple player gameplay. For more fighting action, go for FX Fighter.

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