Beast Wars: Transformers

Action 1997 Windows Hasbro Interactive Beat em up

When transformers mingle with insect and animals!

Beast Wars: Transformers is a straightforward fighter game, but one that has a really unique roaster of characters to battle against or with. In the spirit of the TV series of the late 90s, that saw robots fight in arenas while controlled by their makers, in this game, the same kind of robot theme is explored. But here, the classic Transformers are battling all sort of other robots that have fused with insects or with mammals to create really redoubtable fighters. Gameplay wise you'll be in on what the game wants with you from the very first moment. Each robot has a lineup of moves that it shares with the rest of the roaster, but it also has quite a few moves of its own making, moves that ask you to perform button combos, and that deal the most damage. Graphically, the experience is a pretty alright one, and if you love the disharmonious melange of robotic with organic, you'll love it. Sure, it could have been a bit more polished, but well, it gets the job done, and, compared to a game such as Bio FREAKS, it sure is a better produced game.

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