FX Fighter

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Virtua Fighter like, but darker!

FX Fighter is a relatively modern, hardcore fighting game, with a darker visual theme than Virtua Fighter. While Virtua Fighter was like a 3D game that tried to be cartoonish, in its early days 3D look, this is a much more dark game, a lot less about colorful backgrounds and cool light infused characters, but dark and with a tension filled atmosphere. Also, what FX Fighter does is offer you a whole lot of fighters, some robotic, some that are organic and mechanoid as well, and thus, FX Fighter is a pretty extraordinary game. Combos wise, it has easy ones, but you'd do good to use a controller to make sure you can play without straining your hands. Also, a good thing to do, to make sure you can play FX Fighter without issues is to use an emulator to speed it a little bit, otherwise the animation can be a little buggy. But, overall, FX Fighter plays nice, is well balanced and, overall, is very well done. You can also change the camera positions, and so it can be made to look just as you want it, no issues about it. The 3D could have been a bit more polished and detailed, but, like I said, it's a game of the Virtua Fighter era, so it's pretty basic.

One against eight? Piece of cake!

FX Fighter is a very cool 3D fighting game (much like Mortal Kombat) that every kid would want to play. The game has fantastic graphics and animation which makes it a top quality fighting game. The game features eight different characters that you get to choiose, eight different arenas, movie cut scenes, and 40 attacks a single fighter has. You select a character to face against eight of the best fighters in the universe for a prize consisting of the most powerful weapon in the universe. Now, isn't that a great motivation? The game is thrilling, action pumped and very dynamic. The only lacking thing may be no variety with your opponents. You have eight of them and when you get the knack of how to defeat them, there is unfortunately not much more to do, so don't expect to play this game for weeks on end. But while it lasts, the game is tons of fun and action. The sound is also very good, adrenaline shooting and perfectly fit to the game. So, this is a very fun and exciting fighting game, but after a few dozen times you'll probably see and do all there is to see and do, and that will be the end of it.

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