Gal's Panic

Adult 1990 MAME Kaneko Anime Arcade style

Uncover the picture type puzzler with nude girls

This is a straight up spider crawl and uncover the drawing game with backgrounds that feature both girls half naked or showing full nudity as well as other images that are not directly sexual in nature. The game itself is pretty good, regardless of the imagery used. There are many types of bosses to keep out of the reach of, there are also different add-ons that you can uncover and which will make your game much more enjoyable and fun to play. In terms of the girls that you can uncover, you can expect a large quantity of pictures, featuring anime styled Japanese looking girls, some weird cartoon characters and many other images, some of them which will feel a bit out of place, since the core of the game is sexually driven. For those looking for a more sexually oriented game, this one might feel a bit too classy, in the sense that most of the images will be of girls fully naked or half naked. But, at least, their poses are sexy, though quite tame. At any rate, you can play this if you wan to experience a good spider crawl game, and the girls will be a good afterthought, though not something to care too much about.

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