BANGAI HEN: Tenshitachi no gogo III

Adult 1990 Other JAST Hentai Bishoujo Anime

Adult game with RPG and interactive fiction elements

The continuation of BANGAI HEN: Tenshitachi no gogo II, this game will put you in a multitude of different scenarios, each one with direct sexual themes and graphic sex in the classic anime style, with a more mature hentai feel to it. You will be tasked with convincing a host of young and pretty (and also very well drawn) girls to have sex with you. Of ocurse, if you've ever tried anime hentai games before, you will know to expect weird little twists of “plot”, though, as always, there isn't much of a binding story to be told. Within the genre, the game stands out quite well, since it is very well drawn, features all sort of sexual imagery as well as many different sexual positions. The game is probably the best one in the series in terms of amount of content included, so the best way to try it out is with the other ones already played. No translation, fan made or otherwise has been made into English, so you will have to take a few wild guesses when you pick your next dialogue option, but, overall, that is not too much of a letdown, rather adds more to the sense of wonder of what to expect next.

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