Puzzle 1992 Dos Palmetto Bay Publishing Brainteaser

Jigsaw-style fun for a Sunday afternoon

For a fairly neat twist on the classic block busting formula of Tetris, Fiddle is well worth an investigation. It's somewhat akin to a computerised jigsaw puzzle so if you enjoy logical and visual brainteasers, then it should be the perfect way to spend a wet old Sunday afternoon. The aim of the game, as is so often the way in the best such experiences, is simple. The player is given a set of abstract shapes and charged with one basic goal: rotate them so that all the shapes ultimately form an unbroken square. Of course, there are some rules to be followed, such as not having any overlapping pieces, and which add to the challenge. The whole thing is purely an exercise in contemplation and high score chasing, with more points racked up the fewer moves used to complete the square, so caution and planning ahead are the watchwords here, not jumping in without thinking about things. The game starts out pretty straightforward but the difficulty soon escalates and you're very quickly faced with some highly challenging little noggin scratchers that will keep even hardened puzzle fans at their screens for some time after the rain has disappeared and Monday has rolled around again. Jigsaw is certainly not a visually impressive game, but this doesn't hurt it in the same way that other puzzlers like Columns and Klax have never relied on fancy graphics. It's also not exactly a thrill-a-minute but if you do fancy a bit of computerised entertainment that stretches the old grey matter for a couple of hours, you could do worse than dig out Fiddle.

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