Action Sport Soccer

Sport 1992 Dos UBI Soft Soccer

A different take on action arcade soccer

In Action Sport Soccer you will play soccer from the same kind of perspective, and with the same kind of mindset that was a classic in most regular soccer action games. However, this game offers you an even more interesting perspective, the kind that takes its cues from different other games. The most immediate difference is the way the players are organized and the way they look and respond. It's like a minimalist game, but, nonetheless, not one that gives up the regular rules of soccer. Nope, this one is a game that offers you just as clean a game and as playable a game as your regular UEFA games. Also, speaking of UEFA, this one game also simulates an UEFA championship so you can play such an event that will make it easier for you to get attached to your team and to your players. So, no matter what you like about soccer games, this one too will feel pretty cool, pretty playable and pretty well developed, which is great for these kind of minimalist top down experiences. Also, the game looks alright, with clean graphics, without too many elements that take you out of it. So give it a try, if you're looking for a good top down 2D soccer game.

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