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Unpolished, without substance, almost unworthy

Liverpool is an action soccer game that has little rhyme or reason behind it. Superficially it is an early days 3D game, which might aid one in looking at it from a very relaxed point of view, making it, you know, just one of the early days game that didn't quite make it. It's not because of some fault of its own, it's because it's got a very little at the surface. However, play it and you'll find it a broken game, if I ever saw one, a game that was definitely unfinished, or just made by people yet unskilled in the making of a false perspective 3D game. So, with that said, Liverpool is a game that does a good job at keeping itself afloat, but it's not fun, not fun at all. And at that point, which doesn't come too later after you've installed it, you have to contend that it just isn't worth it. Naturally, most of these early day games in forced perspective 3D were a little shabby, to say the least, but this one sure takes the cake for being quite a nasty game. Nope, if you want a club game, dedicated to one club only, download for instance the much better Leeds United one, a much better game overall.

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