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Playable but nothing special

Eurosoccer is a tournament type action soccer game that offers you the ability to see any of the teams from around the 90s on the field. So, with that in mind, Eurosoccer is the kind of game that deesn't really stand out, for good or bad, it's pretty dank, if you'll allow me to qualify it like that. Not that it's not playable, far from it, there surely are worse games of soccer than this one, but, at the same time, you can't but see that expect for the colors there's no difference between the players of this game. Not only that, but, also, Eurosoccer looks pretty ugly; it tried to be realistic but it just managed to have no particularity of it's own, so it looks like its' been produced just for the bargain bin. Nope, the fact that it plays with only a few controls mapped to two buttons doesn't make it comparable to, say, Sensible Soccer titles, saying that would be a stretch, but I think that those that found The SS series too cartoony will find a relatively playable game in this one here, even if the let down will not keep this game as long on their harddrives. So, yeah, download of you don't mind it's cookie cutter nature and if you can live with a game that is nothing special, from no point of view, say, except for the control which, indeed, was more streamlined than the control of many other soccer action games.

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