Puzzle 1996 Windows Philips Interactive Brainteaser Reflex oriented Board games

Classic puzzle game

It is basically a puzzle game that has been designed for children that cannot play card games but is equally exciting and fun for adults as well. The plot or set up of the game involves a sand box where you have toys which you need to move from your side on the box to the side of your opponent. The toys have their own mechanical behavior and you need to keep that that in mind for moving them from one side to the other. The game has a lot of replay value because every time you play it, you will find that the A1 behaves in a different way and makes the game quite competitive and exciting. The graphics in this simple but amazing game are ordinary but it is the addictive gameplay which stands as its forefront for gamers all over. The level designs are very unique and you get something different at every level. The controls are very good because they are supported by a prolific interface that is very interactive and easy to master. The game is all fun with a good mix of competition which you can either have with your friend or with the computer. The second recommendation which I would give here is Mega Maze.

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