Mega Maze

Puzzle 1996 Windows Philips Media Brainteaser Reflex oriented

A fun filled action puzzle

It is a good puzzle game which involves quick decision making and good reflexes. The gameplay in this game is its most exciting feature and it is really addictive and fun. The plot is that you need to drive a blue marble to a flashy exit hole and in the way will counter, enemy marbles, pits, obstacles and gaps. When you start moving the marble towards your target, all the other enemies will start following your direction and they pursue untiringly. You can utilize the purple marble in the games to bridge the gaps and counter the enemy. Every other level in the game is different in terms of the patterns and designs and in terms of the dynamics that are involved in making the marble reach the target point. The difficulty level increases as you progress in the game and this really calls for a lot of fun and excitement. The graphics in the game are very good and so is the A1. The best feature in the game is that the gameplay is really addictive and challenging and you will not get bore even after hours and hours of playing. Another good recommendation that I can give is Buckets.

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