Puzzle 1998 Windows OCEAN Brainteaser Reflex oriented

Stop the floods, build barriers!

Wetrix is a cool strategy and builder game, where the idea is to prevent a natural calamity from occupying. You get a 3D environment made of what looks like a height map. It's not too fancy, but it works very nice within the build of the game. You have terrain changing tools with which you can raise the land. The rain however keeps on pouring, and what looked like a safe spot is no longer. Thus you have work all the time, and thus, you need to constantly keep on building. The catch, however, that keeps you from modifying the land as you want to is the fear of... landslides and earthquakes, reason for which you have to act smart, change the terrain smartly, and not just dig right in where you want to. So, all in all, Wetrix is a cool builder, terrain modifying game, really satisfying to play and really nice overall. With cute graphics, it's a delight to play, so you should have it in your collection. Also, a good download is City Life if you want a modern city builder, more feature complete and with true building tools included.

A fun and challenging puzzle game

Wetrix is a very original and colorful game, a brainteaser that will get you hooked from moment one. As soon as you turn on the game and see the colorful and unique game menu, you will see there is something good here. It's similarity to Tetris is that you must arrange pieces that fall from the sky. What is unique about this game is that the falling pieces are red and green arrows and water, as well as other pieces. You use the green and red piece to rise and lower the land that surrounds the water, building a damp of a sorts, and have to keep the water from overflowing. There are dangers that can ruin your game, like bombs and such, and then you have start the building all over. It is very addictive and extremely challenging. It is also a lot of fun. I wasn't very good at the game I still liked it very much. The game's isometric view in 3D graphics is a very nice feature and the animation is very good and fast paced. If you like brain puzzle games, you will find this game thrilling, fun and very challenging. But make sure you don't have anything on the stove while playing, you might forget all about it! Have fun :)

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