Geekwad Games of the Galaxy

Arcade 1993 Dos Dosbox Tsunami Media Humorous Futuristic

A set of parody minigames, yet playable

Geekwad Games of the Galaxy offers you a chance to compete in very weird and yet very interesting games, that are set in this alternative universe, where the aliens are some really funny creatures! Yet, for all the presentation and the funny factor, which, by itself diminishes after the game gets to be, the problem of this one is that the controls are pretty botched, in that you won't get a lot of fun out of it all. Overall, Geekwad Games of the Galaxy is quite interesting because of the way real sports are treated to fit the theme of the game – universe and sports, but no particular game stands out as very playable. One game is a sort of hopper challenge, another one is an arcade Space Invaders like combat game, and another one is a trivia game. Yes, no Olympic sports, but the way they're presented, you're competing to be the best so... At any rate, play it for the LOLs, but don't expect much from it, entertainment value wise. And be sure to download Microsoft Arcade if you want a similar bundle yet a much better executed one.

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