General, The

Strategy 1999 Windows Board games Turn based

Risk is his mum and global economy thy father!

The General is a game that is for serious economic and wargaming fanatics. It's meaty, it's aggressively huge in scope, but, to its credit, it's well produced, as in, well executed and well designed, so as to make learning it a matter of hours. Sure, if you fall for its recipe, which combines economics with RISK like gameplay, you will find it quite hard to mater, but this is the way tehse games work. At any rate, it is a well earned point that this game sure knows how to present itself, how to put itself out there. Where others have backed down so as to keep the immediacy constant, this one is built so you won't need to handle certain controls unless you're ready, unless the other inner workings of its have been understood. Overall, The General is the kind of game that always feel fantastic, always has a lot to offer and always gives you a lot of satisfaction and a lot of options. But it never feels obnoxiously tepid, it's always got a flavor and it always comes back to the basics, as a RISK game would. Play it, but be ready to have some learning to do to totally enjoy and get it.

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