Getaway Entertainment 6 Pack for Windows

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Parlor and card games for Win 3.1

In the good fashion of the Microsoft payable packages, as the 24 Games for Windows bundle will also demonstrate later on, Microsoft produced and distributed this bundle here too, containing a number of parlor games and card games to sit well with the Win 3.1 OS. Don't worry, the bundle is still playable with the minimal tinkering about: you have to install the 3.1 version of Windows in DosBox, then proceed to install this bundle either from within Win 3.1 or separately, outside of it, and then, voila, it's playable and, as you'll see for yourself, a lot of fun! In there you will find guess the totem games, a domino card game, a Briefcase game and a few other card games. They're all in monochrome, though not in black and white per se, as Win 3.1 allowed the use of color. However, it's got a style and a feel that is very interesting and very satisfying, especially if you used Win 3.1 before. Totally worth the download, without question, especially if you want to see a very direct, no nonsense version of the games, playable directly with beautiful yet simple graphics.

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