Manic Karts

Racing 1995 Dos Virgin Interactive Design Tool Driving

Average arcade-style racer

If F1 or real-world supercar driving sims are a bit too daunting for you, then Manic Karts may prove an entertaining alternative, but for those who seek a bit more in their driving games would be advised to look elsewhere. Manic Karts dates from 1995 at a time when a plethora of karting sims were available and offers much the same experience as these other games, including different power levels for your karts, a championship mode, a variety of tracks to race on and even a course editor. While Manic Karts doesn't really do anything wrong, it doesn't do anything spectacularly well either. The graphics are reasonable, with chunky drivers and karts, and a nice range of detailed backdrops, while the tracks themselves are well-enough designed but lack excitement or any great degree of fun. Everything rattles along at a fair old pace, and while the addition of the track editor is a nice touch, the interface is not exactly user-friendly, making it more of a frustration than anything else. If you are in the market for a simple, undemanding arcade racer, then this will fit the bill for a while, but Super Mario Kart it isn't and players would be advised to check out the Screamer series, also by Virgin for better examples of the genre.

A great but not revolutionary kart game

Brought to us by Virgin Interactive, Manic Karts is the sequel to the very popular Super Karts and while it's not as great, it's still very fun and exciting game that will definitely keep you occupied for hours, no problem. It has various modes, from single player modes to kart mode with a 50cc to 250cc option, four in total. There are many new and exciting tracks and they are really well designed and detailed and the graphics are very good in my opinion, as well as the music. There are also various powerups along the way that you can use to get ahead of other racers and get to the finish line in a better position. There is actually nothing new and revolutionary in this game, but no matter- the game is as fun and addictive as any great kart racing game, and I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. If you like kart racing games like Wacky Wheels, this game will be great for you. The game is perfect for the enjoyment of the whole family.

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