Goofy's Railway Express

Puzzle 1990 Dos Westwood Education Cartoon

Disney does it again!

The attachment of the Disney name to a game isn't always a sign of quality but in most cases it's a pretty decent indication that what's on offer should be at least mildly entertaining. Classic platformers like Lion King and Aladdin or lesser known titles like Daffy Duck all show what can be done with the company's extensive lineup of characters and Goofy's Railway Express adds to this list with another kids' title that is well worth digging out. This one aims to teach kids about colours and shapes and puts Goofy and Mickey into the role of railway conductors. The basic gameplay is pretty simple and finds trains merrily making their way across a series of colourful landscapes, puffing out smoke of various shapes. The player must press the spacebar when the shapes match those which are above the passengers which wait at the stations. If you get it right, you pick them up and they get on the train, otherwise a pleasant little animation plays to inspire you to get it right next time. That's pretty much all there is to the game and while it is undeniably straightforward, for the target market, it makes for quite an entertaining time. The visuals are as bright and vibrant as you would expect from a Disney game, with lovely environments that are pleasing to the eye, while sound effects are equally pleasant, with lots of nice effects to support the action. If you do have little ones who are fans of Goofy and Mickey and are at that stage when they're learning their shapes and colours, this makes for a good bet for a bit of education and fun at the same time, so put it on your list.

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