Grand Prix Circuit

Racing 1988 Dos Accolade Formula one Driving

A solid F1 sprite graphics racing game

In 1988, the year that this game came out true 3D graphics for a racing game were still not in the cards. Thus games tried to simulate the speed of races through different sprite techniques. Within this type of graphics engine, Grand Prix tried and partially succeeded in creating a simulation game. The game offers you many types of races, both single races as well as a championship campaign. The championship will allow you to race in qualifications rounds, to tweak your car's suspension and to choose the ties you want to use. You can also pick the number of laps you want to go for, and also pick the type of transmission you want to use, manual or automatic. Unlike many other sprite based racers, Grand Prix will require you to very carefully control your speed on the circuit, to pay attention to each and every curve and generally, to drive cautiously while trying to maintain the ideal path. Thus, for an 1988 game, Grand Prix shows the signs of what a simulation can be and it manages it to the best degree that it can. Ultimately, you will feel as if you're playing a very meticulous arcade game, and not a genuine simulation, but either way it's not a bad experience. Later Grand Prix game will pick up the recipe and better it significantly, but if you want to see how the series began, this is it – a solid sprite based racer.

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