Grand Prix Manager 2

Racing 1996 Windows Microprose Formula one Team management

Interesting take on F1 management

The game expands on the lessons learned from GPM, to offer an interesting, relatively complex but fun game, a lot more polished than its older brother. You are in charge of the success of a Formula 1 team. You have a budge to manage, you have to negotiate contracts with suppliers, to manage your pilots and your vehicles while striving for a certain position, which, depending on the team might not always, be the leading one. The game offers you a well balanced array of screens from within which to control your every managerial choice. The options are all arranged depending on their type and role in the game, and the job the developers done at this level is a fairly good one. Graphically, the game is very well captured, you never have trouble with anything, and all interfaces are clean and very easy on the eyes. Give that the genre is not very well represented, if you want to try such a managerial game, GPM 2 never feels redundant or too hard to get to, due to its age, and so, it could turn into a fun occasional game or even one that you lose hours into. With the number of scenarios you can tackle you can rest assured that it will be a lot of time before you have enough of this one.

Manager your F1 team!

Grand Prix Manager 2 is one of the most fun and complex managerial games ever released. Here you can pretty much have your own team, customizing it in many ways, which is what all manager games should have. Besides giving another name for your team, you can also give it a logo (from a list of logos) and choosing which motor suits your tastes better (if you want to manage a greater or lesser team). After that, the crew of the game can be customized as well and you can even tweak your very own car. Many of the famous Formula One racers are present in the game, like Damon Hill and Michael Schumacher just to name a few. After you're done with the team, it's time to manage it.

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