Grand Prix Wizard

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F1 Manager so simple and inviting

How would you like to play an F1 manager that plays in but one screen? Have everything built so neatly and so well packed that all of your options are mostly caught in one screen interface, with all the interactive elements plastered around but one single screen? Well, if that sounds good, then you're in luck: Grand Prix Wizard is exactly that, and, to its merit it still manages to be an incredibly dedicated, interesting and intense game, the kind that truly shines, so immediate and so satisfying. You can choose the settings of your vehicle, you can choose to give your pilot orders, you can choose to look at your car's parameters and so much more. It's done the greatest job of allowing information to be displayed exactly where you want it, always there to aid you and never let you wonder. That is an art that has to do with the smart way in which space is used, effectively, in the game's windows, but also with a very satisfying way of not cramming things up. It's so natural that you just need a few minutes to familiarize yourself with it, after which it just seems so natural. Play it, one of the best F1 managers out there. And if you want to actually race, download Official Formula 1 Racing, another well produced game.

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