Grand Prix Unlimited

Racing 1992 Dos Dosbox Accolade Design Tool Formula one

Nice Formula one racer

Graphically. this game has everything you would expect from a 1992 title: 2D drawn interior of cars and other elements that simulate 3D and side of the track real 3D elements as well as 3D tracks that do a good job at simulating high speed. In fact, if anything it is the speed that the game manages to simulate that is its great achievement. It does so by spacing the incoming objects of the track in such a manner as to not encumber the graphics chips of the era, while at the same time managing to look cursive. At any rate, the title makes use of what could be conjured back in 1992 very well, and among the racers of the time it is one of the better ones. You can play in championship mode but you can also go for a single race event or define your own single race competition: numbers of opponents, number of tracks, the car to choose and the track to race in. There is some resemblance between the simulated tracks and the original tracks, but let's face it, it's just a crude approximation, though no one would hold that against the title. While most Formula 1 enthusiasts would probably prefer a more modern title, Grand Prix Unlimited remains a very good, very fast action racer with the appeal as well as the issues of its early 90s graphics.

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