Grand Monster Slam

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Slam the ball digitization plus minigames

There's this game that a lot of gym coaches will like to play, especially when the students are mostly male, and, on one side of the team there are the jocks and on the other there are the intellectual types. So, what happens is that the game, here in digital format, is a representation of that ball dunking thing, where you play a sort of Hunter and the Ducks. The aim is to shoot the balls so as to hit the others, the adversaries, and if you manage it, you will gain points. While in reality being hit can be quite painful, in this game the only pain you feel if you lose is psychological, you know, the worse kind! Other than that, you also get a few extra minigames in there, that prologue the core game, but ultimately fail to offer something truly long lived. So, yeah, give it a try, if you want a rather dumb but well put action game. It's also okay graphically, 8bit NES style, which is just alright. A good alternative? Well, how about a game of virtual darts? Just as simple, straightforward and quite hard to master, even in digital form!

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