Grand Slam

Sport 1997 Windows Virgin Interactive Baseball

Beautiful graphically, but otherwise nothing special

Grand Slam is the perfect kind of game to demonstrate that graphics don't really make the game, if not in general, then at the very least for the action baseball games that it is a version of. Grand Slam looks beautiful, with very nice animations and beautiful vistas, from the best angles, for the diverse set of actions that make up this sport. However, while this layer of the game is rather advanced, powering the game is a set of puzzle like mechanics, that are familiar and classic to the genre, but which do little to actually put you in the game, give you the feeling that you are in control. For instance, pitching, to give just an example, is done by aligning a cursor to this fast moving, sides to sides indicator. However, because the controls aren't 100 percent snappy, you will mostly hit the hit button at random, and so, you lose a lot of the accuracy, if any remains of your pitching. And, in ways that are particular for each puzzle the game contains, the same problem persists: you simply don't have sufficient control over the situation. From the same period, download Front Page Sports: Baseball Pro '98, much better overall, though not perfect either, just much more responsive overall.

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