Slam and Jam

Sport 1996 Dos Crystal Dynamics Basketball

Arcade basketball, not too polished

Here's the thing with this game, it is so mechanical and so weirdly produced that it almost looks as if it tries to emulate the old Game and Watch Nintendo games. Yep, sure enough, it has more animation than that, but, nevertheless, it is without a doubt the gameplay experience on your side is almost the same. Not that I have a problem with highly stylized games of this sort, nope, it's just that they have to have a challenge that resides more in just getting a quirk and exploiting it, which is something that this one game doesn't do. Plus, in my view, it doesn't do a great job at the kind of gameplay build that it presents either. Nope, it is a game that offers you just the bare minimum, interaction wise, animations wise and the difficulty is weirdly enough either a 1 or a 0, as in, it's either going to allow you to win or you'll lose. Hopefully my installation was not bugged or something, but I feel that this game was really not finished (or designed, for that matter! properly. See Space Jam instead, which is playable and much better executed, even if still an arcader at heart.

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