College Slam

Sport 1996 Windows Dosbox Acclaim Basketball

A recreation of NBA Jam, but graphically superior and immersive

College Slam is atypical basketball game of the 2D era, when the entire playing field was a 2D tilted lateral arena, in which you could move in all directions. The players are sprites, and very well executed, but, as with all of these games, knowing where the ball is actually going can be tricky. That is because the sense of depth is skewed, due to the perspective, but never mind, most of the passing of the ball will land automatically in the hands of some player, which takes the stress away. Anyway, the game's original feature is that it recreates a college competition, but then again, that is done solely by utilizing certain indicator graphics, though the game plays just as any other 2D basketball sim out there. That is why, your enjoyment of this game will be a question of how much you care about College, or, rather, of the few elements included in this game that seem to suggest that the teams battling it out are college teams. What can I say, when I want to play 2D basketball, I generally opt for NBA Jam Extreme which I also recommend to you, but ultimately, there is nothing wrong with College Slam either, it is just that it is a rather bland game.

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