Gravity Force

Action 2000 Windows Shooter

Action game in which you primarily fight against gravity!

The difficult part of playing this game is that your ship is constantly being pulled down to Earth, and thus, by activating your impulse engines now and then, you have the chance of keeping yourself elevated, so that you can, without issues, reach your target in good time. Other than that, Gravity Force is a game that is full of very intricate mazes, through which you have to take your ship, with care, and, to add insult to the injury, there are also enemies that have to be targeted and shot at. So, with all these elements in place, you'd think that the game would be impossible to play. While, indeed, it is a rather hard game to control, once you get used to it, it is very much fun, and the only thing you'd wish is for it to have been a little longer. Graphically it's not that diverse a game, but the stages that it includes are pretty cool, and, even if 8bit looking in style, it still looks more than alright. Give it a try and also download a game such as Striker, which also offers a similar experience, to this one.

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