Dark Reign 2

Strategy 2000 Windows Activision Alternate History Science Fiction Real time Sci fi

Modern RTS, visually striking and innovative

Dark Reign 2 is not only a step forward from its brother, Dark Reign, but it also has the makings of a significant cult classic. Quite why it hadn't managed that status is debatable, but, one thing is for sure: this game will really appeal to those that want a twist on the old RTS formula. So, in Dark Reign 2 you will command your units from that classic top down view. However, the way the graphical elements are projected, and their feel is very original. Dark Reign 2 takes cues from shooters, to sort of take you into the world of the game at a more personal level. Don't worry, the staples of a RTS game are all there, unchanged, but they coagulate in a novel and interesting formula, one that is not as usual or as used in other games, which is why Dark Reign 2 is so interesting. In terms of content there are about 20 missions which will take you from land to sea and to air. A futuristic and slightly dystopian world, the world of the game is, but a very well done formula, which is sure to entice you and to keep you paying for hours. Surely a game to try for RTS aficionados, especially those that loved Ground Control or the first Dark Reign game.

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