Adult 1996 Windows Mondadori Anime Puzzle based

Adult themed travels game in the land of boring

So they waited until 1996 to turn Gulliver into a woman and to put her in a context where her sexuality takes the center stage! I often wondered (alright, not that often!) how long it would take. Well, lucky for you, the ones with weird sexual fetishes, Gulliveriana is a fantasy and mature themed game. But, as you would probably expect, there isn't much to do in this world. The game is almost improperly called so, since there is little if any action to be hand. Instead the game plays more like an interactive novel, only the story is as lacking as the gameplay is. But, for a few minutes the game will draw you in. There is just something hypnotic about a woman giant or a woman small enough to keep in your palm, so, just to satisfy this weird little curiosity this game can do it for you. But you're better off using your imagination, unfortunately. The game features low quality graphics. There were games in 1996 that were far better than this one when it came to the graphics, so there's going to be some disappointment there to deal with, unfortunately.


Have you ever heard about the history of Gulliver? Well, that's the same plot but adult theme oriented. The game has very nice video and you can follow the story with some curiosity, but there is almost complete lack of interaction. You have to click on some item and watch the (erotic) movie. It's a worth to have a look, at least for the nice graphics and the curves of those models, but if you're looking for an interactive movie or something like that, it's better you get one of the bishoujo game you can find related.

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