The Queen of Tenshindo '95 - Yan Yan 2

Adult 1995 Windows Tenshindo/SOFTPAL Anime Puzzle based

A stimulating adult cards game

The game is basically for the adults as it contains some explicit scenes but is an exciting card game based on hentai graphics. The rules involved are very much like the commercial card games. Every players is given with 7 cards while the rest are place inverted facing the ground forming some draw pile. The game demands you to be well aware of the rules which have been well defined in the game. You have to match the cards according to the rules to advance an you can also use options like wild cards and can even use the draw pile in case you do not have any card to match. When some player is left with no cards, that hand is over and the scores will be compiled for starting the game all over. The game play is very simple and easy to understand. Now to excite you a bit, you have four young beautiful girls as your opponents. As soon as you beat them, they will perform some sexual scenes which you may or may not like. So it is a good exciting fantasy game but is only for adults. Want some more adult stuff in this category, try Top Girl Strip Poker.

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