Marble Cooking

Adult 1994 Dos Dosbox Negative Anime Puzzle based

Marble Cooking Stands Out From The Crowd

Marble Cooking stands out from the crowd, with it's unique puzzle style gameplay. You're a young innocent girl who happens to be a witch, which has summoned a monster by playing around with the "Wand of Wishes". As the created monster has gone out of Marble's control, it is now her challenge to stop him. This monster who happens to be a demon, can also created monsters of his own, and have now trapped Marble. Marble Cooking plays in a similar way to a more recent game on the SEGA Dreamcast "Chu Chu Rocket". Marble must now figure out her path around the stages she gets placed in. With your magic powers lay down a path for your rabbit friend who just loves carrots and will fight whoever or whatever is in his path, which he can destroy Marble's summoned monster's enemies in the stages.The range of enemies are brought to life objects which are rather humorous. Enemies can vary from; Books, Brooms, and Tables. As Marble progresses through her challenges, the layout of the stage changes. Unmoveable objects will start to block your rabbit's path and yours, but look out! The living objects or animals can remove your placed path and spin Marble crazy if they hit her, resulting to start over. There is no rush to complete each stage as you have all the time in the world to complete them, in other words there no such thing as a ticking timer. You can disable the cutscenes/slideshows in the options menu. There are plenty of options to make suit the game more to your needs, so you can still enjoy the challenging puzzle Marble Cooking can bring you.

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