The Queen of Heart'98

Action 1998 Windows Himeya Soft Humorous Beat em up

I liked the action because of the humor

First of all the game is basically for girls because this fighting game only involves female characters. The plot is very simple because it has no plot and all you need to do is to select a character that you desire and you will be rushed to the arena where you will have fights with other fighters. The characters in the game are based on famous anime series and it's safe for kids. The theme is very much the same as we saw in Street Fighter but that game was far superior in terms of the gameplay and the graphics. The single player mode in the game is though more smooth but two player mode can also be used if you want to go fighting with some human opponent. The A1 in the game is quite competitive and the variety of the moves that the girls will make is also diverse. The fun element in the game is the execution of different moves and the reaction of the opponent in response to the execution of these moves. The humor element has made the game shy from being a typical fighting game to a fun fighting game.

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