Gundam Wing: Endless Duel

Action 1996 Nintendo Bandai Beat em up Science Fiction

Futuristic action game

GW Endless Duel is a 2D action fighting game based on a popular anime action series. The plot here is futuristic and involve some sophisticated machines in the form of suits that you will wear and pilot for taking part in battles and combats with your enemies. You have the G-wings boys to select from and will pilot or control machines like sand rock, tall geeze or mercuries. There are three modes of gameplay here namely the VS mode, the story mode and the training mode. It is better that you first go with the training mode because it allows you to get a grip on the gameplay and will make you learn how to use different suits for shooting and destroying the enemies. The game will take place in the form of battle rounds where you will go one on one with your opponents. It is a bit tough on the user in the sense that losing a match will require you to play it all over again. The graphics in the game are very well defined and the character modelling has been done with a lot of details. The training mode is self-explanatory and the controls are very intuitive. You can enjoy it along with Defiance as it is another very good action game.

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