Merchant Colony

Strategy 1991 Dos Dosbox Impressions Games Historical Business

Trading sim, not too original, but manageable!

Merchant Colony simulates the economic exchanges that were happening in the 18th century, a period when sailing the high seas and the importation of exotic goods was a really profitable endeavor. The game here, however manages to avoid the thrill of discovery and all the fun bits as it solely focuses on the game of lists (TM!). That is, it creates the fundamentals right and puts you in charge of the numerical choices. That's lots of lists, lots of math based decisions but very few other different options. All in all, the game is quite limited in scope. I mean, even a game such as Patrician 2, otherwise a hardcore trading game knew that there was a need for variety and it gave you all sort of minigames, maritime warfare and lots of other mini additions to spike it all up. So, Merchant Colony is for the type that doesn't want additional elements but wants the core elements of a trade sim. These are in the game, are well polished and in working order, but if that's enough I'm afraid you'd be better off doing some real accounting work!

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