The World’s Greatest Baseball Game

Sport 1985 Dos Dosbox Epyx Baseball

Boasting, boasting, boasting!; playable baseball game

As the title screen boastfully announces, The World's Greatest Baseball Game is, after you fiddle with it for a second, not the greatest baseball game out there! It's nonetheless a half decent action game, digitizing baseball, in the classic manner in which these games used to do that; each phase of the game is a minigame, a puzzle; the hitting of the ball is a speed and attention puzzle, the running of the pitch is a fast twitch keyboard pressing mini games, and so on! Graphically, I'll give it a good thumbs up, for a game that was released in the mid 80s; the colors are chosen with care and the animations, even if scarce are alright. Basically, what the game does is to be decent, overall, and in terms of decency it is a good production; also, with just a few managerial ideas tossed at it, though not central to the experience, The World's Greatest Baseball Game creates a nice experience, that retro lovers will most definitely enjoy. Sure, boasting has always been a good way to self promote, but I guess we all take that with a grain of salt. At any rate, download also Earl Weaver Baseball as well, which does just as good a job creating an action minigame based baseball game.

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