Major League Manager

Sport 1986 Dos Spinnaker Baseball Team management

Old classic baseball management simulation

Altough graphically old, Major League Managet is a nice baseball management game which is not a top classic but is one of those earlier veterans that has provided this genre a good platform to excel. You will play the role of a manager who can manage his favorite team from national and American leagues and can also manage the historical teams of the early 50's and 30's. The game involves a good collection of stats and figures from the 1975 historic season from which you can select your favorite team to manage. Coming towards the gameplay, it has some brilliant play dynamics which involves all the action and moves that you see in a baseball game. The action has been supported by a very good gaming engine where you can perform the strokes and the player movements with conviction. The controls are also well calibrated with the gameplay and this makes playing this game a lot of fun. Coming towards the user interface, it is quite intuitive and well designed. This allows for an easy gameplay where you can exercise all the options easily. The graphics in the game are also alluring and they provide a detailed view of the action. Another good baseball game to go for is Radio Baseball.

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