Harlem Globber Trotters

Sport 1990 Dos Softie Basketball

Basketball sim, set between The Generals and the Trotters

Some rivalries might be destructive, while some might just be the kind of hook that makes fans be fans and so on. At any rate, however you choose to look at it, in basketball, the Trotters and the Generals has always been a cool rivalry, out of which sport has had a lot to win, as well as fans. This early days game tries to recreate the tensions that arose from the rivalry of those two teams, and what better way to do it than to just have them battle in the field? Well, so you can play with any of the two teams; for the most part they play the same, but you can optimize them to play as you want to. It's not too complex, but it's fun enough, and, more than anything, the game has that great retro build and feel that is rare in many other games, and, overall, it will impress anyone that is used to the value and quality of these games. So, overall, Harlem Globetrotters is pretty well executed, and the fact that you control an entire team, with the added benefit of Easter eggs such as i9nterfering with the referee, makes for a pretty cool mix! Else, download TV Sports: Basketball, retro as well, and similarly well produced.

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