Dream Team - 3 on 3 Challenge

Sport 1991 Dos Dosbox Season Ticket Productions Basketball

Easy and intuitive to control, good mini basket

In Dream Team - 3 on 3 Challenge, as the name suggests, you will be playing a 3vs.3 version of basketball. While some other of these games never really managed to be very intuitive and easy to control, especially in the 90s era, this one no longer suffers from that problem. Nope, this game here is one of the sleekest executed ones that I've had the pleasure of trying. The good thing is that, still, this is an arcade game; so you don't have to think too strategically, and the game is still a combination of gameplay that tests your reflexes as well as your coordination. But, the way the controls are mapped and the way they respond, it makes for a very satisfying combination, from all points of view. And, so, combine that with a very good looking 2D side winder view, and you're without question looking at a very interesting game. A good alternative can be Jordan vs Bird, though I have to say it, Dream Team - 3 on 3 Challenge is a much sleeker alternative, even if not by a very whole lot, but then again, it was a good point in time for early basketball simulations.

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