Basket Manager

Sport 1990 Dos Simulmondo Basketball

Well done, Basket Manager, well done!

You can tell this is one of the first ball to hoop managers out there just by the title, you don't even need to work your magic in the DosBox to know what it's all about! But, at any rate, after you (rather painstakingly!) manage to make the game run, you'll find that it is a well done, rounded basketball collection of managerial ideas, some stolen from soccer managers, some of its own making. Basically the game has two gameplay phases: a purely managerial one, where you establish training schedules for your team, buy and sell players and make sure your players get assigned a role on the team, and another which simulates the current championship. You can thus create different strategies depending on whom you are going to meet next, as a balanced team will always be more prone to winning then one that just puts all of its efforts into one particular player. Graphically, it's the early 8bit era look of the DOS era, so don't expect much, though the interfaces are pretty self explanatory and the game is thus easy to get inside of. Not extremely repayable, say, such as a good basketball live action game but nevertheless, it gets the job done for the duration, which is all you can ask of it, in the end.

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