TV Sports: Basketball

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In line with the TV Sports philosophy; playable but dry

The TV Sports series was never about highly personable experiences, it was a bout alright games, sport games, without too much of originality or other elements to somehow set them apart, you know, make them stand out. They were the perfect vanilla games, never managing to aggravate, nor to put you off. Basically, to anyone that didn't care about gimmickry, these games were a Godsend, the kind of games that you simply had to love for their sturdiness and their appeal, the kind of appeal that a good old fashion Volkswagen would have, as opposed to say, the kind a Ferrari would! So, TV Sports: Basketball is well ingrained in that way of looking at the genre, perfectly playable, alright in the kind of arcade sports game attitude it has, but it never tries hard to keep you to play, nope, it's more of a plane Jane kind of a game that overwhelms you with blandness until you get used to it! So, yeah, if you want a perfectly playable 2D, alright basketball game, this has got to be it: never anything to write home about, nor anything to go ape crazy about, but perfectly playable.

Stiff but still fun

TV Sports: Basketball is a basketball sports game developed by Cinemaware and is part of the TV Sportsgame series. While there are many other basketball games out there, like the NBA 95 series, this particular one is another fun game in general. The premise of the game is simple, pick your favorite NBA team, pit it against another team and try to win the game. The controls of the game are pretty simple. All you really need to know is how to: pass, shoot and block. While it's not a simulation, the style of gameplay is really good and fun. About game perspective, instead of going for a single screen court, you have to travel through 3 screen in order to get to your or the opponent's side. This type of transition makes the gameplay a bit irritating and sometimes slows the game down.

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