NCAA: Road to The Final Four 1

Sport 1991 Dos Dosbox Bethesda Softworks Basketball

Action based basketball; with tactics and coaching options

Although NCAA: Road to The Final Four 1 adds some coaching ad some tactics to the main game, it's still not much above a classic action basketball game. It's also primitive graphically, with very scarce animations and a skewered perspective, from above and from the sides, but from afar, and you can't really see a lot of details. Still, for an arcade type basketball game, it's pretty uninspired, and, also, it's pretty lacking in detail. It's playable, as most of the basketball moves are automated, leaving you with very few options and maneuvers to consider, but overall, NCAA: Road to The Final Four 1 is not much fun. Plus, the additions of coaching and the tactics options that you can change don't seem to impact gameplay that much, really, which just makes them feel out of place, more than anything else. For those looking for a cool arcade basketball game, rather download NCAA: Road to the Final Four 2, more interesting at least technologically, as it made the leap to 3D graphics, and even playwise, it's a bit more advanced.

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