River raid

Arcade 1982 Dos Dosbox Activision Flight shooter

A DOS version of prototypical Atari 2600 vertical shooter

River Raid on the Atari 2600 was a game that truly had pushed the envelope of that console. Don't think though, that it was some sort of over the top game, some sort of extremely well polished, feature heavy production. Nothing of that sort, nope, it was the most minimalist forward scrolling top down vertical shooter. But for that console it was a lot, and for those interested in programming, it sure was a wonder of pushing and extending the capabilities of the system. But, for those of us that grew up on DOS IBM compatibles, this DOS version of the game truly took the ideas of that one up a notch, and gave us so much more. The River Raid of the DOS looks 8 bit, has a few more twists and bends on the river based always ascending strip where one has to shoot, and all in all, is a much more playable game, much less boring and much more diverse. And so, it sure is worth a go, along with, say, Super R-Type or some other fast scroller and shooter extravaganzas, which all pay a certain tribute to this one.

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