Super-VGA Harrier

Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox Domark Flight Military flight

Too much flying, not enough action

If you've played AV8B Harrier Assault and think that this looks familiar, well you'd be right. It's effectively an upgraded version of this title which has flashier graphics but which is otherwise basically identical. It remains a solid, if unspectacular flight sim so if you enjoy the likes of Falcon and Mig-29 Fulcrum it's worth a look but there are better titles out there, so if you haven't tried either of the two aforementioned titles, consider looking there first. The player takes control of a marine expeditionary force engaging in a campaign in foreign territory and while the main focus of the game is the flight sim aspect, where you get to control the titular Harrier jumpjet, you also have to plan the assault, with both ground and naval units under your command. The game can be played as a straight flight sim, but you can also let the computer take control of the action side of things if you're more in the mood for strategy, which is a nice touch. Otherwise, this plays out in fsimilar fashion to other flight sims, with the player arming their aircraft then heading out on a series of missions which usually involve flying around at high speed and blowing the living daylights out of various ground and air-based enemies. However, as with most flight sims, there's a fair amount of tedium before you get to the good stuff, only here it seems to be even more exaggerated and there is a lot of flying around with nothing to look at but blue skies and blue water. Flight sim newcomers may well wonder what all the fuss is about and to be fair, they would have a good point. When the action comes it's decent enough but unless you're a hardcore sim fan, you may well turn off before it comes, so bear this is mind before trying.

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